Friday, 30 December 2011

I was very nostalgic today. I saw the site that we created (curiosity? here it is,; so many hopes were with us, expectations of creating a twin tower out of the site...and now its all but anything. Surely we lost. When i look back, i remember the passion that was within us, every second of it wasted in building and modifying the site...but now just dust. Those who were with me in creating the site, will definitely feel this, will definitely be nostalgic about it. 

I remember xabp, and the wildest thoughts that he carried and shared with me. I should say, it lifted my heart and i would immediately imagine myself in a different context. Well, i miss it. I regret it.    

I dont want to write more..
I was there.
It was brilliant.
I lost it.

 The Viento

Friday, 23 December 2011


The two kingdoms, one small and the other larger, had now been fighting over some long-forgotten issue since a time that no one cared to remember anymore. The larger kingdom, ruled by a just and wise king, was winning. But too heavy a price had already been paid for this. Too many men had been lost on both sides and too much money had been poured into the war for any of the parties to be able to back out now.

The oppressive king of the smaller kingdom passed a new order, making it compulsory for all able-bodied men to enlist in the army and join the war to bring victory to their king. The order was met with meek voices of protest from the scared residents of a small village of that kingdom. Everyone knew that victory was out of the question. Going on a war against the technologically superior armies of their enemy kingdom was like going on a suicide mission. No soldier who had gone from the village till now had returned. All the young and healthy men in the village had become martyrs to the whims of their king. The ones left were old, unenthusiastic and feeble. They had neither the strength nor the will to revolt against the king, which meant that the order had to be obeyed. And to ensure that everyone obeyed the order and no one was left out, the king had even sent out an officer to each village. So everyone knew there was no other option; yet, no one wanted to accept their helplessness. No one ever wants to lead on the path of death.

The peasant was on the farm when the royal messenger proclaimed the new order. He was just an assembly of bones; weak and frail. He hadn't had much to eat in the past week. He had a wife and four children, waiting at home with empty stomachs. He saw the reaction of other men in the village. They were not ready to accept that they had no choice. But the peasant knew there was no way out. He might be week but he still was able-bodied. He accepted his fate. What the villagers saw, silenced them all. They stared in astonishment as the frail peasant dropped his plough on the field and walked up to the officer. He was ready to go to war. The other men in the village, silenced due to their shame at not having had as much courage as the peasant, marched up and join the waiting officer. He had accepted his fate. The people mistook it for Bravery. Needless to say, he never returned to his family but for generations to come, the people talked of the peasant as the bravest of the men who were born in that village.

In the meantime, the king of the larger kingdom was faced with a situation. His army was in need of fresh batches of troops to be deployed on the frontier. But he didn't have to force men to enlist. He hoped that there would still be enough young men left, who would be willing to lay down their lives voluntarily for their motherland. He passed the order: the kingdom needed them; all those who wished could join the army.

When the announcement was made, many a men volunteered – mostly people who were experienced; either blacksmiths, who were used to dealing with weapons or men who had participated in wars sometime in the past. No one needs second telling on the path to glory. As soon as the youth heard the news, he ran towards the town center, where wagons were being prepared to leave with all the enlisting men. Hoards of people had crowded around to cheer them up and wish them well. The youth ran up to the place and jumped into one of the wagons. The people were astonished to see this. He was the son of the richest family in the town and was to inherit the family business. His marriage was scheduled in a week’s time. He had all the things going for him. Yet he chose to leave all this behind and go to war? He had no experience of war. He was from a rich family and had never even been in a street fight in his life. He wouldn't last a single day on the field. Yet they were struck by the fearlessness in his eyes, by his determination. So they said nothing. The youth had made the decision of his life. He just did not believe that anything could happen to him. He would be victorious and would return home a hero. He was not ready to think about death yet. He still had a long way to go. Everyone thought he would die, but he knew he won’t. He denied his fate. The people mistook it for Bravery. Needless to say, he never returned to his family but for generations to come, the people talked of the youth as the bravest of the men who were born in that town.


The Demons Inside Me

There are demons inside me,
tearing up my insides,
splitting me apart,
leaving me undecided on my choices in life.

There are demons inside me,
they are numerous and strong,
my past, present, and my future
along with my love, anger, hate pain, right and wrong.

There are demons inside me,
each one a war on its own,
i either survive or perish,
coz its a battle that i have to fight alone.

There are demons inside me,
and each day the fight goes on,
it may be exhausting,
but i'll still defend my dreams,
my happiness, my choices, my life itself,
till all these demons are gone.


Thursday, 8 December 2011


Do you breathe the name of your life,
In the hour of need?

This is what you call “avoidance to the last breath…” Avoided, Ignored, shattered.

“..yes, feed the rain,
I am thirsty for your love….,
….Its nothing but the carnival of rust!”

The wind fluttering and whispering its worth beside me, and perhaps I should fall for its truth. Yes, I need you, I need you, desperately, beside me. Home, again, and the reign of insult of my self-esteem, self-confidence, inflicted arrows of blood with words as beautiful as you.
“Don’t walk away, Don’t walk away….”

Enigmatic red circles, embedded beside the white ones… I still remember the words you yelled at me…I am true to you, I never grassed on you, never. I am true, scintillating with blood of my veins, cut deep inside me, far deeper than you would ever understand. I remember. I do. 

“…and I will use my lips to kiss,
Your frown away…..
…and I  will follow you all the way…   “

Spiralling inwards, the dots of truth, the bloodline of the sky, the deep blue sky. I can never, ever, follow my zenith, and I know, I will be spiralled inwards in this beautiful enigmatic heartbeat. There will be at times this wind to guide me, to sway me to another fathomless breath, another speckled life…and must I say, that I will be drowned away by this addiction of a beautiful life, a beautiful dream….mary jane, mary jane….save me!

“ All my love, if its all I can do….
I will take the fall for you….”

Beaten, mocked and stained deep inside this thumping chamber... Seconds are enough, enough to shoot you with bullets, you won’t get a second to look, to cut yourself, deep. Time and again, thousands of sunlight strike at a second…but I still bleed, red…

“Now that you’re gone….
Hold me in your eyes……”

Look up! The sparkling smile of thousands of dots above you…most of them already died, painful existence! Shit! But then, I have wings and I now can fly, beyond your own imagination… contrastingly I was crippled, heavy, insane, to follow all the way, beyond this small little bridge…
I breathe this heavy black atmosphere, making tons of spiralling circles together, all black, but too beautiful…this is nice…too let your tears die away slowly with time, imminently. Oh! I am shot! Shot in the head….mary jane, I have you..!

“..When violet eyes get brighter,
And heavy winds go lighter…
..I will taste the sky and feel alive again…”

I pierced myself. Tasted its looming shadow, poisoning myself with this invaluable red blood roses…I fetched it for you…baby…I fetched it for you…And I really pierced myself!

The Viento

Tuesday, 22 November 2011


How much can you hurt me?
If I just look up and smile?
Without you knowing
That I can love you forever while?

How much can you hate me?
If I just keep staring at you
With silence all around me
And for all you know its true?

How much can you ignore me?
If still I keep running after you,
Humming my worth silently,
The feelings I have you never knew?

How much can you make me pain?
As I had loved it all along,
The beauty in it again,
Is not it reflecting my beautiful song?

How much can you make me bleed?
The blood of love in heart i keep,
But still you never even care,
That it’s my love all around here?

How much can you make me cry?
By the words that you easily say,
And yes, I knew, for you I am a lie,
For sorrows say will never fade away??

How much can you hurt me?
If I just look up and smile,
The love for you,
Will be there forever while.

The Viento

Monday, 24 October 2011


I do not put the blame on you
Nor I am to blame,
It was never meant to be
And so it never ‘came.

Simple statements, well-known facts,
Are sometimes, even hard to read;
The heart is made to be in blood
How’d you know when it bleeds?

There is no point in scribbling more on this.
The Insomniac-

Sunday, 16 October 2011


This one goes to the Viento, just to show that the blog ain't dead.

I don't know what's wrong with our class, we seem pretty complacent and happy with the way we are nowadays. No one's really doing anything new. I don't know if you're reading this, xabp, but i miss your wacky ideas man. Anyway, all i'm trying to say is that i'm still willing to keep this blog alive.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011


Firstly, as you see, the blog is dying and well i can say it is dead....Nobody but me, is trying its best to keep it alive......but i will as i said i will...

Its more than what i thought it would be. Mr. Xabp, if by any chance you are reading it, life has changed drastically out here, after you left. Your theories and then modified innovative ideas of us, well, they are smoked into a pile of dust (your roomies were the first to do that, by the way), none the less, there is nobody to push up the system-of-ideas. Just one word. Gone.GONE.
Pathetic. I am tuned into myself these days. Shortly there is this idea that i will share.....

So thanks anyway,

Take a bow.....

The Viento

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Whats in for me??

Quantum is underway and i am way too excited. Last chance and perhaps the deciding semester. Physics or Biology... Well, biology gives me this inside feeling and every time i read about an experiment or read a paper. Its obsessive and well very extensive and with physics it adds up the spice. The profs of bio are awesome (exception this semester) You look around and you feel the world is precisely a biological process and with physics it makes it much more easy. Physics is interesting, physics is gapingly awesome, physics is passion and madness. Biology is silent, true, more faithful, and is an obsession once it gets into your blood. Truly, it is and both compliment each other perfectly. I had always loved physics or i had thought, but in fact its not physics which i had always loved. Its the largest and the smallest explanations of the largest and the smallest thing present in this universe. Before coming here, it was physics which i had acquainted myself with to explain the tiniest and the biggest explanation. But then, there stands biology giving the best possible explanation you would get in the entirety, that eats your heart with passion and obsession. well, lets hope for the best.

Take a bow,

The Viento

Monday, 25 July 2011

This is insane....IISER K has gone crazy.

You can't just sit back and watch now! But still it hits me like a bullet to see most of our friends not with us.. IISER can't do this. They can't detain anyone for one single subject. THIS IS EXCRUCIATINGLY PAINFUL AND UTTERLY INSANE. And that too even of a person who has pointer as high as 7!!! How can they do this?? Half of our class...your life will be screwed if this happens!

Man, this thing has saddened me. IISER K will be then called like "institute-to-get-screwed".
Anyone out here, do you agree with the word called "detained"............

We need to talk...........
Who's with me??
Please we need support..

The Viento

Sunday, 24 July 2011

How not to live your life @IISER Kolkata : Act Two

Holler m'fuckas (/Greetings, Ladies)! Time for another discourse, a lesson for life, a priceless nugget of information emerging from within the depths of the ocean of drivel you float around in. Or, as eloquently put by The Viento, do the rest of my bitching over here.

I hadn't planned on the order of my lessons in HNTLYL101 (hints, anyone?), so this post will seem anachronistic. But hell, you'll 'get a life' for reading this. So, lend me your imagination for a while (money is a perfect substitute, though).

Lesson 1: Never categorize people @APC ROY into

a. Roommates, and people who you'd consider sharing a bed with
b. People next door, and on the floor above with high-speed internet connections
c. Sanmoy Mandal, and his elk. (which surprisingly has had only one distinguished hall-of-famer till date)

The what, and the why : See, category a and category c are pretty relevant sub-divisions of the 'Batch-mates you're bothered with' branch. They'll help you lay down a consistent protocol for communication with people around you. Presented with an infuriating 70 odd candidates to live out your fantasy of squeezing toothpaste into someone's pants while they're blissfully asleep, or have a who's-got-game-bitches competition at bathing time @bathrooms, you'll be better equipped to filter out the dross and the mundane, and embark on the aforesaid adventures with like-minded fellows.

It's category b, that kinda 'lured me down the path of sin'. Legendary story, though, that one. It had tropes on friendship, revenge and redemption. Throw in some drama, the 'twist', a big showdown, and the bit about a geeky kid with a laptop who's actions fall into the moral grey area - and you have the makings of a bestseller. I'll save recounting it for sometime later, though!

The aftermath saw me lose out on a couple of friends (forever?). But I try stacking it up against the awesomeness of the whole thing, and it stops giving answers.

Remedy : Just relabel category b as 'People next door, and on the floor above with high-speed internet connections I won't steal internet-access from', and you should do just fine. Ooh, and just so you don't fall into a similar classification, try and come up with something more imaginative for a password. (Example, if your WLAN's called World Wide Item, meriitem as a WEP passkey would probably be a bad idea. How bad? 8 hours, 23 minutes on a 29-line python script ;)

Go home, chew on that.



p.s. I think now would be a good time to apologise for keeping category a in the dark about . I chose CND over CSD, and will now pursue a B.Tech in Computer Science and MS by research in Computational Natural Sciences (folks, we're looking at Quantum Computation here) over the next five years at IIIT-Hyderabad.

Also, please direct your attempts at sending me down a guilt-trip towards my project mentors at IIT-Delhi, and later at DIPR. Had it not been for those two amazingly wonderful pieces of code I wrote over the summer (and IISER's assessment of my end-sem project - surprise! it wasn't, I'd never had dragged myself out of the self-loathing rut I'd slipped into. It wasn't exactly fun to be me :P

To everyone who matters, be happy for me.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

You can't go..

Before i start crying along, well, i will surely miss you, Panigrahi! Being just frank, so no big issues right? screw the earlier blog that i had posted. noffence, but, i wish you never got, dont go! Please, heartiest request!. You're one of those who make iiser possible! come on man, you have got a big bright future out here! Shit! Asshole! Why do you have to do this??

Come'on, we need you, in a zillion ways possible, and those are just petty thing that now i am crying for! Asshole, you said you'd comeback! Atleast, you were and will be always my first love! Come'on now, change your mind!

Your craziest ideas, your fascinating views, inspire us all! Dude, the counter strike legacy and yes the fifa thingy, you can't just leave us like that! No shithole, you can't! fuck you!

Fuck you!
Come home..

The Viento

Thursday, 21 July 2011

So it goes like this....

Enough of your ruddy good-for-loser's shit!! YOU, Hey You, i am talking to you XAAbhinandan, abhinandan or whichever bitch' name you would like to hear...You are more than a loony mommy than a papa...Real Papas don't bitch!

Tell me!! How the hell can you act so saintly over the phone? Acting so saintly but then with your bestowed upon the good but yet so vile and hollow speeches(did you hear that, yes shit!!! Or Shall i say again? )But then you do the rest of your bitching over here, i presume?? Watch out, he goes here again!!

But then don't dare to be "soulful" (reply...though i can be, but never you....get it??) ...your blog was trying-to-be-me comeback!! But then, ahem.... (in a whisper.... "pitiable"...!) :D :D

No offence !!
But was a stupid pale rhetoric ( Oh yes, but it was!!)

Take a bow,

The Viento

How not to live your life @IISER-Kolkata - Act one

That's right bitches. Papa's home.

Jog along, you lil' wimps. You, HEY I'M TALKING TO YOU VIENTO, off the fuckin' stage. And where's that fat kid? INTROVERT? You there, boy? There's Dreamer, all goody-two-shoes sitting there, with perfect posture - ah, my boy's showing me some respect - See, you lot? Now gather around, papa's got news.

Before I lose control of what I'm writing, Sandipan Dasgupta, I love you. You never cease to surprise. You're special, boy. This is God telling you (yeah I'm allowed to assume whichever roles I want to. move on.) to have fun in Seoul! Screw the camp, screw 'em babes. Whatever. Have fun, buddy. And if you can, give them oriental gals 'The Look'(c)SDG. You know 'The Look'(c)SDG I'm talking about... Let no female that dare falls into your view escape clothed, in your mind, as well as hers :P (you may, however exercise quality control) Mothers lock up your daughters, daughters lock up your mothers - the Lord of Lewd is on the loose!

Rajarshi Bhattacharya, as much as you'd hate to deny this, you owe me. When I 'accidentally' ripped apart your plumbing connections, I set in chain a series of events that would culminate in you setting off for a special journey. Just don't forget to give 'em Raj, dude. He's still in fashion outside of India. :P Try and visit the stadium where one of the best-WC-finals-ever happened, man. And pay my tribute to the vanquished. RIP, my fond memories of Germany, Class of '02.

Yeah, now that we have that dross all cleared up, let's get down to business, shall we? Or maybe we'll do that in Act two.



*lights out. curtains fall.*
---Oh, and can we please stop being so nice? You're very soulful, Viento. Ah yes, the feelings are mutual, Dreamer. *trills* How about, Yay biyatch! you're finally getting rid of that hag! (and get out of the hut) or, something sombre too, like... Baibhaou, WHAT IS UP? Careful, now. You don't want cat-fights in the new batch, do you (yes!yes!yes!)?

Did somebody upgrade themselves to version 2.0 in the summer?

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Vile Thoughts...!

Here i go again, drunk in my own self-destructing memories. Damn, this things doesn't go at all. Memories! Darn, they are too exhausting even to let it go. Pain is better than these vile memories. Silent it is, in it, yet so destructive.
Oh!  i wish i were so invisible, atleast to her. I just wish i never had listened to Vanilla Twilight and get drunk in my own self-replicating thoughts.

I fall from this high hopes of my own life when these memories cross me everytime the sky cries, so silently! I love it when this pain hits me; hits me like an invisible bullet, brushes me inside out, tears are just a silent pay for my misled thoughts. How do i control the vaccum of thoughts, entirely of her?? How do i let the song to stop echoing?? How do i control my excruciating yell?
The wind is so silent beside me, ruffling around my ears whispering the lie that i always thought to be so true. I was and so were my feelings! Perhaps, somewhere i went wrong. And this darn  imaginations are costing me a lot.
Why did i again thought that the world will appear flat to me? Why did i ever had the slightest of thoughts that it was true? Huh, i am too drunk these days in her thoughts.
I lie awake in the Hut, just like the moon, reflecting its painful colour, yet no one but me to appreciate the beauty it reflects. Sigh! I am not talking sense perhaps. The wind still keeps blowing, echoing the presence and songs of her. MAN! What do i do?   
I walk this lonely road, but this time only the wind whispering the pain i feel!
But then, i love it...

12:30 am
The Hut
16th July

The Viento

The Lonely Road

(The following poem talks of a man who is doubtful about the path which leads to a future of love and happiness. He realizes that he has to complete the journey, and that too all alone. He is no coward but he just needs an assurance that the path he has chosen really is the correct one or not.)

The path is dark and scary.
Without you or any light to guide me.
It's like an alley,
where my life's backdoor has landed me.

My footsteps echo through the darkness,
my heavy breath sounding too loud.
My heart pounding through my ears,
reminding me of all my fears.

Do I really know what I'm doing?
Does this alley lead where i think it does?
or will I just see Death awaiting me,
in all his majesty on a throne of bones,
or maybe not,
coz it might be too dark to see.

But to death is not the road that I want.
I want the one to you.
I would find the courage,
to come down the passage,
if only i knew for sure.
That you await my arrival,my dear love,
at the end of this sinister tour.

I know for sure, I have that faith,
that you do wait for me somewhere.
But what I know not my love,
is if this treacherous road,
would ever lead me there.

- TheDreamer

Saturday, 16 July 2011

A hard truth!

Alive but not living, Dead but not departed!

Darn! its those beautiful evenings with a light drizzle again that you would wish too pass soon. Yet i find it so majestically beautiful. I am listening to Vanilla Twilight, and well, broken fragile thoughts knock your heart out, unforgiving and yet so colossal.

Every day, i am trying to forget a little more about her. Yes i do. Its exhausting and yet so compelling. The very existence of mine gets diminished a little more. I really don't know whats happening. Profoundly deep it is, within my soul and singing with a lie. The very unconventional lie that surrounds every human being! What exactly does relationship tell? The interactions are mostly a lie, not profound for most. And here i am, sucked up beside this slight drizzle,  dreary thoughts about her that were so contrary. I perhaps was misled by myself. I was so wrong!
It has no meaning, like an empty vessel, that keeps echoing her presence.
It grasps you from inside, and i am trying to run far away from this hard truth......

Its better to stop believing in love..

The Viento

Friday, 15 July 2011

God Abhors Naked Singularities....!!

Restricted....this is gonna go worse...!!!

Naked. The very word makes us yell or gape in excitement (for some), and adrenaline and testosterone gets charged.....and of course not to forget, for the least...what the f?? But its true, we have been made in such a way that our culture or our tradition has itself deep-rooted our minds with the fact that dancing and running around naked is abhorred. Whoa what if...? Well, i wont comment.... though Its the famous Stephen Hawking line......

Now, ahem... let me start. Singularities. Well, or singularity is the point of breakdown of physics laws where matter gets destroyed and collapse to the point of just a dot, like the dot in "i". Black holes, we all know, can't be seen, coz of course, light gets red-shifted more and more before they reach us and it takes infinite time to reach an observer just situated outside the Event Horizon. But once you're inside you will be sucked up pretty big time. Now for an observer just outside the event horizon, life would practically normal.
Naked Singularities doesnt have an event horizon. That means if there ever is anything like a naked singularity, we will observe it NAKED! But well, GOD, you have to believe in it. And much to our surprise, there has been still a debate going over this Naked singularity and well as of now, nothing of such is seen. There you go! We are just not allowed to see something naked! Physicists say, its because the breakdown of every single laws of physics!! So we are like forbidden, but yes the The Loop Quantum Gravity do suggest there should exist a Naked Singularity! This naked singularity as of many scientists had suggested can be A Worm Hole. Whoa! A Bloody Worm Hole! You fall into it and maybe space-time travel can lead you to your past, but future is what the worm holes are thought to lead to!! Amazing ainn't it? The space-time gets curved so much that this singularity can actually lead you to beyond your reality! Well, this is what researchers say not me..!!

Now, the main thing! You see, science, tradition, and The higher power, seems to me like one unified something! For the singularity, the event horizon is like its bloody godforsaken clothes! We are just not allowed to have a peep! There you go again! See. If you peep! You're gone! wtf? That's true! You give a "peep" to someone you fancy and it's just abhorred!! Punishments, like real bloody  punishments follows! This is just deep rooted in our every nerve and blood! That's how we are made!

God does abhors naked singularities! That's true....Even if you are so lucky enough to see it, you actually have to give your life doing that! Weird, that it happens in our regular life! Naked singularities are truly exciting and it does turns your testosterone up to high levels! This is same with human mind! Everything is this world are inn relationship with the other in some way or the other.

But then, let me tell you, that this is not a stupid rhetoric...hmmmm \:p/

The Viento

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Wake up Indians!
I sometimes wonder how much can a person achieve in life. I read of Bhagat Singh and co., Subhash Chandra Bose, and other revolutionaries. I heard that they were lunatic. Unfortunately I never saw them struggling. Now I see this son of a farmer, polio patient fight out a battle single handedly and wonder if this was in some way the way the revolutionaries fought. They struggled against invaders from outside, this man fights against invaders from within the nation. I really lament on the freedom that we have achieved, and truly feel that the nation has betrayed all the freedom fighters. The nation is still captivated; earlier British were the captivators, now is the government and the bureaucracy. British plundered the nation and drained the wealth to England; the ministers are plundering the nation to channel the riches to Switzerland.

Half of the nation remains hungry, impoverished, roofless and malnourished and the creamy fraction of the country have so much money that they cannot keep it in their nation! 400 lakh crores! And in figures it is a monster 4000000000000000. And then the government requires foreign investment! Already have they sent a monster amount outside and further they use these giants to butcher the indigenous traders.

He says it right. 15th August 1947 was not the Independence Day. It was the day of change of power. More than half of the laws in the constitution are made by British. Our tradition, our culture has been suppressed to death by us. Ayurveda, Gurukul have almost being extinct. Indians (even Hindus) today don’t know what’s written in Vedas and Upanishads – reason – English education system (mind you every other progressive nation of the world studies in his own national language). Land Acquisition act – a British Raj law – has not yet been amended (and Rahul Gandhi roams around in U.P.). Reservation, a boon in early post independence years has grown up to an extent that it eats up the nation. And when a Ramdev comes out to oppose on the issues, the government brutally tries to sabotage the movement.

A more disheartening fact is that even some of the common people maintain that Ramdev must refrain from the movement as it is not his domain. Illogical as nation’s well being is in everyone’s domain and (more importantly) is everyone’s duties. The media too seems to be sold off as they question Ramdev on why he enters politics but after Supreme Court’s orders don’t question the government on why this issue was suppressed for too long.

But we know, elections are far away and Indian memory is short. Come on Indians! Let this not happen anymore. Support the leader and renew the nation. Don’t let India be plundered again.

The Introvert

Monday, 11 July 2011

Rennaiscence at home once agan....!!!

10:25 PM
JC Bose Library
Temperature 20 degree Celsius ( thanks to the AC)

Can't be much happier. Back at home, and back is my freedom. Freedom can be anything. Like spanking my roomie's ass as hard as i want. just a prick of joke. No Offence! But i m beyond my own bliss to know what i am writing and to take any offence from someone who reads this piece of shit!! Well, half of my classmate's are out here, doing what we call scientific projects. But to be frank and to be righteous, we and many of my friends hardly know there exact topic or their exact title!! Funny, right?

I met Naman and we laughed our ass off when we both idiots started talking about Aishwarya....well, i wont exactly divulge now what exactly i mean by that! But still, it was hell nice to see most of our friends out here.

Precisely, i would like to tell that, now atleast i can shout my throat off, i can sleep till evening, and who cares!!

But what in your view can be actually  be the fact that i am back  for good and yet you think that i have gone crazy?? No way!!

The Viento

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Burnt Memories.....!!!

How much can you hurt me?
If I just look up and smile?
Without you knowing
That I can love you forever while?

How much can you hate me?
If I just keep staring at you
With silence all around me
And for all you know its true?

How much can you ignore me?
If still I keep running after you,
Humming my worth silently,
The feelings I have you never knew?

How much can you make me pain?
As I had loved it all along,
The beauty in it again,
Is not it reflecting my beautiful song?

How much can you make me bleed?
The blood of love in heart i keep,
But still you never even care,
That it’s my love all around here?

How much can you make me cry?
By the words that you easily say,
And yes, I knew, for you I am a lie,
For sorrows say will never fade away??

How much can you hurt me?
If I just look up and smile,
The love for you,
Will be there forever while.

The Viento

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Death with Despair!

Heart-gasping sound of eternity,
Deep breathing within me!
Stumbled upon, blood darkness,
I closed my eyes, in her lie-livid beauty...

The Viento

Friday, 8 July 2011

A fabricated Lie.........your right Johanan!!

Johanan, high five. You struck me this time. I coundn’t care less. He was true. “We live in a tomb of a big fabricated lie.” Instances :

1)      There the other day, I was watching the Wimbledon  semi-final match between Jo Wilfred Tsonga and Novak Djokovic. The match was a thriller as it has always been. There were people, whom we call audience by the principle, clapping at each and every point and the weird thing was that they were clapping for both. It was not like that they supported one single person.
 I was a stern supporter of Novak Djokovic and I bit my lips every time Tsonga won a point. This is crucial in life, to be focussed towards one single thing, and here I was. But look what I got there. SARCASM. The people were clapping and lauding the both players! Weird, isn’t it? So they seem to be goaless people?? Is that so?? Or were they just enjoying the game; like you see, Novak and Tsonga were their entertainer. They were entertainer. Entertainer doesn’t mean they were jokers or singers. Just entertainer. Coz people were enjoying the game, like they enjoy watching a comedy movie, take it to be a circus!

2)      Now look at this point from a different view. People paid big bucks to see the Wimbledon semi-final, and to get enjoyment, like you can call this ENTERTAINMENT. Didn’t they? And poor Djokovic and Tsonga battled their sweat out, struggling with strength and struggling with every bit of sunlight that attacked them. They toiled hard, and among the two only the one who was winning was enjoying the game. OF course that had to be, coz you never want to be the losing side, and you would always wish  after losing the game to turn back the time, to kick your opponent’s butt out! Someone or the other has to pay the price. Tsonga’s hard toil, running from one end to the other turned futile! And look here, while Tsonga was toiling hard and had to give up at the last moment, the audience were laughing and getting entertained, right? They were enjoying every bit of it, right? But they didn’t do anything, like stopping the game, or atleast, sympathising with Tsonga? ?
3)      Now take a clue, for me, suppose, entertainment is like watching somebody fighting over something. So I would just sit there and watch, right? Coz, I love enjoying seeing a fight! And that’s entertainment for me. So I was going by the road, when I saw three goons fighting a man. I stopped and watched. I had a knife and a gun with me. But I didn’t do anything. The goons kicked him, like we see in movies, but there I was sitting and watching like a silent spectator, like the ABOVE AUDIENCE. That’s entertainment for me, why give up? At the end somebody has to lose, just like Tsonga lost to Djokovic and was heartbroken. Same here, the man was heartbroken as his purse was stolen. But there I was silently watching.
4)      Now you may argue, that that’s not right. That what I did was totally wrong! But how do you know? Maybe the goons needed money for something worth stealing? You may never know? And by the way, who taught you what is right and what is wrong? How do you know which is right and which is wrong? You can’t judge anything by your own conscience, let alone you parents. Coz, there are billions like me who will counter you, the same way  I did. IF what I did was wrong, as the man struggled with the goons, then so was the Wimbledon audience. They were also wrong. They didn’t help Tsonga win, or atleast sympathised with him. SO then what was all this? This was all a lie. The audience was a lie, they were nothing but living a lie, criticizing the loser and comforting the winner, just as I did in a way. They were all watching something which  I call wrong and the same way you can yell at me that I was wrong. So you and I are both living a lie. Neither of us know, what exactly we should do. We keep living our lives just as we are taught to. It’s just like wearing a pink t-shirt which I hate, yet I confess that, it’s good. THAT’S  utter bullshit lie, right? Ain’t it?
5)      Johanan was right, we all are in a fabricated lie. What we do, our actions, are itself a lie. For me, your actions are unexplainably lies, just as this blog to you may seem.

The Viento

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Who am i to curse?

Really, doesn't people want to be a satan? or quite possibly a follower of satan? I do. Sometimes. That sometime is right at this moment, while i am blogging. Synonym for devil, an angel who rebelled against God. But then how can you define God? GOD? GOD? He who does good? He who bestows people all His Love and care? Why is that a custom to write god as in capital letters "GOD" or perhaps "God"?  There are followers of Satan and i've met many of them. Its not that they wanted to harm me or something. But their views were so obnoxious and opposing to a normal man.  Yes, i dont know if i believe in god or not. But still believing in Satan is not what i do too. But sometimes, out of the dirt, i feel, what if??

For most Christians, he is who, who rebelled against God — and also the one who spoke through the serpent and seduced Eve into disobeying God's command.

Satan, before his insurrection, was among the highest of all angels and the brightest in the sky! 
The Book of Revelation tells that Satan was cast out of heaven into The Earth. You have seen rock bands, ACDC, and all, they follow the zombie culture. But does that make them you know what we call satanic? NO, NO way, that is what they believe and so what? I can believe in Satan and follow Satan, but how does it make me satanic? I have to repeat what Satan has done to be satanic!! I believe in neither. But still the edge remains clear like the blue sky. Being Compassionate, being humorous, being emphatic, does that mean i dont believe or follow Satan? Who Knows? /:P\

The Viento

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Time goes..

I met my ailing grandfather today. Not much is left of him, i guess. And it was very painful for me  to sit beside him, see him in a trance, maybe unable to distinguish the real world. He is very old. He is in pain and yes i guess that is old age. This is bad. To be around for so long is like a punishment, maybe punishment from the higher power. Why all this happens to such a good man? I mean, think it scientifically, he will be there for, i don't know how many days, but he will be in pain. Pain for the last of his days. What happens actually when we age? Our livers die? or do our brain deteriorates? As we age, our skin goes dull, our face distorts?? what does actually happens? We studied, right, mutation in drosophila, leads to its different size, different texture and colour. So is mutation in our cells one of the mysterious cause behind that? Might me. Or how?

Why can't we revive our cells as we grow? I also know that those who smoke, their skin dies away faster . This is ofcourse for the radicals of oxygen and carbon dioxide produced as we inhale in. But its better to die earlier than wait for 80 long years and we disgruntle our own system slowly.But i am not writing and debating about aging.  I just saw my grandfather there, lying on his bed, he can't even open his eyes properly, and he speech is a blur. How that that happen? He was so healthy. I mean, its not actually right to live for such a long time..

The Viento

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Order your Death

(This is an article inspired by our favourite NB. I have used the fundamental principle of entropy and have attempted to explore a bit of Philosophy with its aid.)

The second law of thermodynamics states that the entropy of the universe can only increase. It takes time getting used to the notion of Entropy, but a simple way to imagine it is as a degree of randomness or disorder of a system. The more disordered a system, the higher is its entropy. Thermodynamics allows us to calculate the entropy of various systems undergoing different processes, analytically. But a simpler way to analyse entropy is to simply talk of whether it increases or decreases in a given process. If a system absorbs heat, it molecules shake around more vigorously, making the system more randomized and thus increasing its entropy. If a system gives off heat, its entropy decreases.

Now that we’ve had the preliminaries out of the way, let’s get down to business. I was trying to figure out if entropy increases or decreases in the process of being born. But I was having difficulties deciding whether heat is absorbed or released during birth (wish I had been born with a thermometer in hand). So then I thought that it would be easier if I figured out the entropy change of death first.

We, being warm-blooded animals, maintain a constant body temperature throughout our life. But death puts a hold on our thermostat and a dead body cools down rapidly, finally achieving room temperature. For that matter, living things can be defined as machines which carry out molecular processes, taking in energy and utilizing it in order to prevent themselves from falling into equilibrium with their environment. So the body cools down and loses heat as it does so. I guess that is what they mean when they say that dying is “becoming one with the universe.” The body also starts decomposing after death, and that too releases heat. This release of heat can be seen as a decrease of entropy. So a dead body is more ordered than a living one! When a person dies, disorder decreases, and this can be seen as achieving peace and nirvana.

Coming back now to our original problem of entropy change in birth. I was still finding it difficult to put a finger on whether heat is, on the whole, absorbed or released in the nine month human gestation period. So I decided to simplify the problem a bit by considering not the entire pregnancy but only the Eureka moment. The Eureka moment for the child is its moment of formation, i.e. the moment when the two gametes fuse to form a single cell, the zygote. This process, called fertilisation, is easier to analyze than the entire nine months. When two cells combine to form one, the most considerable change in energy is the one in the surface energy. Free surfaces of cells, soap bubbles and similar stuff have an energy associated with them, known as surface energy. The larger the free surface, greater the surface energy of the object. It is to minimize this surface energy that things like bubbles, when left to themselves assume a spherical shape. Anyways, when two cells combine, the resulting surface area is lesser than the sum of their individual areas. So, the surface energy decreases in cell fusion. This decrease in surface energy is released in the form of heat during fertilisation. If heat is released then that means that entropy decreases when the gametes fuse and give rise to a new life. So birth involves a decrease in entropy and a corresponding increase in the order of the system. So being born is more ordered than being unborn.

Having established that, we also consume a lot of food on a daily basis, throughout our lifetimes. Where does all this energy go? We, being warm-blooded, use this energy for maintaining our body temperatures. Our surroundings are cooler than us and so, this energy, in the process of keeping us warm, is lost out to the environment as heat. So does this mean entropy is decreasing? Well, it doesn’t. The reason is that we are supposed to look at the net energy exchange. The net energy exchange is zero since our body temperatures are constant. All the food that we consume is thrown out as heat. So our entropy remains more or less a constant during our lifetimes. And finally, as we have already seen, death too causes a decrease in entropy.

So, we attain a greater order when we are born, then our “orderliness” remains unchanged in our lifetimes, and finally, it increases again when we die. So, we are at the peak of our orderliness after death. So is being born and then dying equivalent to never being born atall? It seems that the answer is no. You would be more disordered if you happen never to be born in this world.

But one may ask if being more ordered or disordered really matter. What difference does it make in the long run? I confess, I really cannot imagine any importance whatsoever that one’s orderliness might have in the afterlife. But one thing is for sure. In case it is preferred to be more ordered than disordered, then one question is bound to arise. We may ask that if during our lifetimes, our orderliness remains constant, and will increase only when we die, then what is the need to experience this agonizing life at all. Why not take a shortcut and move towards greater order? If order is all that we want, then why not, order your own death?

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Guns at my head!!!

i cant believe i m writing this shit again. Yet again, this blog is what supports me in and out. Nothing matters now. IISER is my home. And i am yearning to go back there. Desperately. Home is hell. You don't have any freedom, ur right to speech, right to freedom are curtailed. Even your right to drink something special gets fucked up! What more can i ask for? Trust me guys and girls.......home is what and where you can't do anything that your heart yearns. You have to sleep by midnight! What's that? Can you believe i go to bed by 12?? NO, No, i am seriously not liking it here.

Back at IISER, it was the glory days... You can do anything..........peace.........

Don't consider it a stupid, slipshod rhetoric.

-The Viento

Friday, 27 May 2011

It depends. But still i believe and presume that IISERs built only for science should be only for science. Why build a placement cell?? i understand the sentiments of students who opt and really want to go for jobs.........but it is IISER. Science. Why the placement cell? it was clearly and and quite openly stated that IISER will be completely dedicated to science........and then this placement cell...!!

i want opinions!
I want answers!
keep blogging and reply if you can....all!!

-The Viento

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

The adventure of a name called 'Vaibhav Karve'

When Vaibhav Karve entered IISER K campus, his name had no indication that it was going to suffer any assault. During the very first lecture of Life Science on the first day, the instructor asked his name. He stood (at that very moment, Cupid got his first victim) and said, “Vaibhav Karve”. The instuctor said, “Oh! Baibhab Karbe! What is life?” He thought that this would be the first and the last mistake regarding saying his name. But he was wrong.

 Throughout the first semester, during LS lectures, whenever sir called 'Baibhab', it took some moments for dozing Vaibhav to realise sir is calling him. But, no probs. Sir was considerate. But he always blamed sir's wrong pronunciation for his getting caught dozing often. He waited patiently for the semester to end. Then he started looking out into this issue during vacations. Ah! he found out. In Bengali script, there is a letter which looks like Devangiri script 'v' but sadly for him, it is pronounced as 'b'. So,in bangla, you can find stalls selling 'vada pav' exclaiming 'bada pab' in bold letters on their respective banners. On some cases, Bengalis become sentimental on their inability to use v. So, they use 'v' unnecessarily. For example, welcome has been noticed to be written as 'velcome’.

In the next semester, all Profs including LS Prof got replaced. Thank God! Now no, Baibhab Karbe because new LS instructor didn't prefer to call students' name (He didn’t do this to save effort in remembering 90 students’ name. On the contrary, it would have been easier for him to do so because merely a score of them attended his classes. For he had droning voice that was almost guaranteed to cause severe drowsiness within ten minutes, five in AC switch-on mode. Most of them couldn’t resist the soporific power of his voice. ) The new Maths Prof was a young IITian who was the head of movie club. During roll-calls when he came to Vaibhav’s same, he called “Vaibhav Garve” taking inspiration from Bollywood style Mumbai Police constables.

On his birthday, he got a cake from an acquaintance living in Kolkata ‘city’. On seeing his cake, his friends started taking photo not of the cake, but of what was written on it-
“Happy Birthday to Bhaibav!”

But that is not end of the story. One abnormal day when Animesh Biswas was not at his home, Vaibhav took his mobile and was scanning his phonebook for Bengali females no.s. If it hadn’t been Bengal, he would have passed that particular name without much ado. But surely he was not expecting his name to be written as such that too by his own roommate (defining roommate as one whose belongings is kept in the same room) –

“Bhaebab Karbe”

Brought to you by a

On the trip from Mohanpur to New Delhi

Even before I had started packing my ‘clean’ clothes (I had washed them unlike my friends who had at least one thing for their mother), Shashank stormed (surprisingly! without any book in hand) into my room and declared that this time he would be going in Sleeper Class. He asked about mine and I replied with  pride, “What else, Rajdhani”.

  “Hey, bakwaas , nahi. Last time only you had gone in Sleeper, hadn’t you?” 

“Oh,  ho! That’s an entirely different issue. OK, tell me why Sleeper in this super-hot whether?”

“I thought for a change of plan. Last time I had gone in Rajdhani. Yaar,koi nahi dikhi. Kharab kismet! But you got one just opposite to your seat.  This time I thanked papa for my Sleeper ticket. Go on Rajdhani and see by yourself there are only families and oldies. No girls, man“

“I know but I preferred comfort over being roasted raw for seeing some chicks. Let’s see if I am lucky.”

(Then suddenly Atharav enters carrying a book and sporting his pink shirt which he has been wearing for the last week.)

Bhediye! Pagal kahi ke!! Book lene se pehle puch toh liya hota.  Hey! Why you are running. You just come within my reach"

(Shashank started chasing him.)


“You won’t get any girl. I’m sure’, he shouted back.
Next day, I packed my stuffs and started my journey. Thanks to fantastic location of our college, I had to leave hostel a good 3 hours early to reach on time. On reaching station, I boarded into my bogey. My goodness! Whole pack of girls was struggling with their luggage.  In my compartment only, out of 8 seats, 7 belonged to them. Apparently, they were going on a school trip. But my luck was short-timed. 

It took them some minutes to arrange their ‘extra-large’ luggages. One who had the largest one had to confess to her friends, who were helping her in pushing it below the seat, that she had packed only lucky no.11 tops in addition to usual female paraphernalia. As soon as they were comfortable, one of them recognized that I was sitting there and said,


“Uncle mat kaho, yaar. Bhaiya chalega”

“OK! Bhaiya, if you could exchange your seat with one of the few we had in next bogey, it would be so sweet of you. All our friends could then sit together and chat.”

(I was in no mood to do that but for showing my sweetness, I had to leave that special bogey.)
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Monday, 16 May 2011

looking forward to the lonely days ahead of me....

Its great to be me....You can do anything you want.....and mostly you can talk to yourself and find yourself staring at the black sky....This is beautiful...

I am doing what i always wanted to do....something to think about in the coming-up-days, listening to the ear-splitting songs, walking all alone under the night sky...and mostly trying out new tastes of life....

I am doing a project that is attracting me every time i think about it...its great....

Guys and gals, keep posting ......
IISER-K is great bustling of sounds....and noises....just  a beautiful silence all around....

The Viento

P.S: DC and Me planning to try out songs ones.....and damn the lyrics will be coming out shortly...
But the motherfucking gets to your me...

Friday, 6 May 2011

Its unofficial...but still great........resistances from xabp....but still i hope this blog gets on....

-The Viento

Saturday, 30 April 2011