Friday, 27 May 2011

It depends. But still i believe and presume that IISERs built only for science should be only for science. Why build a placement cell?? i understand the sentiments of students who opt and really want to go for jobs.........but it is IISER. Science. Why the placement cell? it was clearly and and quite openly stated that IISER will be completely dedicated to science........and then this placement cell...!!

i want opinions!
I want answers!
keep blogging and reply if you can....all!!

-The Viento

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

The adventure of a name called 'Vaibhav Karve'

When Vaibhav Karve entered IISER K campus, his name had no indication that it was going to suffer any assault. During the very first lecture of Life Science on the first day, the instructor asked his name. He stood (at that very moment, Cupid got his first victim) and said, “Vaibhav Karve”. The instuctor said, “Oh! Baibhab Karbe! What is life?” He thought that this would be the first and the last mistake regarding saying his name. But he was wrong.

 Throughout the first semester, during LS lectures, whenever sir called 'Baibhab', it took some moments for dozing Vaibhav to realise sir is calling him. But, no probs. Sir was considerate. But he always blamed sir's wrong pronunciation for his getting caught dozing often. He waited patiently for the semester to end. Then he started looking out into this issue during vacations. Ah! he found out. In Bengali script, there is a letter which looks like Devangiri script 'v' but sadly for him, it is pronounced as 'b'. So,in bangla, you can find stalls selling 'vada pav' exclaiming 'bada pab' in bold letters on their respective banners. On some cases, Bengalis become sentimental on their inability to use v. So, they use 'v' unnecessarily. For example, welcome has been noticed to be written as 'velcome’.

In the next semester, all Profs including LS Prof got replaced. Thank God! Now no, Baibhab Karbe because new LS instructor didn't prefer to call students' name (He didn’t do this to save effort in remembering 90 students’ name. On the contrary, it would have been easier for him to do so because merely a score of them attended his classes. For he had droning voice that was almost guaranteed to cause severe drowsiness within ten minutes, five in AC switch-on mode. Most of them couldn’t resist the soporific power of his voice. ) The new Maths Prof was a young IITian who was the head of movie club. During roll-calls when he came to Vaibhav’s same, he called “Vaibhav Garve” taking inspiration from Bollywood style Mumbai Police constables.

On his birthday, he got a cake from an acquaintance living in Kolkata ‘city’. On seeing his cake, his friends started taking photo not of the cake, but of what was written on it-
“Happy Birthday to Bhaibav!”

But that is not end of the story. One abnormal day when Animesh Biswas was not at his home, Vaibhav took his mobile and was scanning his phonebook for Bengali females no.s. If it hadn’t been Bengal, he would have passed that particular name without much ado. But surely he was not expecting his name to be written as such that too by his own roommate (defining roommate as one whose belongings is kept in the same room) –

“Bhaebab Karbe”

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On the trip from Mohanpur to New Delhi

Even before I had started packing my ‘clean’ clothes (I had washed them unlike my friends who had at least one thing for their mother), Shashank stormed (surprisingly! without any book in hand) into my room and declared that this time he would be going in Sleeper Class. He asked about mine and I replied with  pride, “What else, Rajdhani”.

  “Hey, bakwaas , nahi. Last time only you had gone in Sleeper, hadn’t you?” 

“Oh,  ho! That’s an entirely different issue. OK, tell me why Sleeper in this super-hot whether?”

“I thought for a change of plan. Last time I had gone in Rajdhani. Yaar,koi nahi dikhi. Kharab kismet! But you got one just opposite to your seat.  This time I thanked papa for my Sleeper ticket. Go on Rajdhani and see by yourself there are only families and oldies. No girls, man“

“I know but I preferred comfort over being roasted raw for seeing some chicks. Let’s see if I am lucky.”

(Then suddenly Atharav enters carrying a book and sporting his pink shirt which he has been wearing for the last week.)

Bhediye! Pagal kahi ke!! Book lene se pehle puch toh liya hota.  Hey! Why you are running. You just come within my reach"

(Shashank started chasing him.)


“You won’t get any girl. I’m sure’, he shouted back.
Next day, I packed my stuffs and started my journey. Thanks to fantastic location of our college, I had to leave hostel a good 3 hours early to reach on time. On reaching station, I boarded into my bogey. My goodness! Whole pack of girls was struggling with their luggage.  In my compartment only, out of 8 seats, 7 belonged to them. Apparently, they were going on a school trip. But my luck was short-timed. 

It took them some minutes to arrange their ‘extra-large’ luggages. One who had the largest one had to confess to her friends, who were helping her in pushing it below the seat, that she had packed only lucky no.11 tops in addition to usual female paraphernalia. As soon as they were comfortable, one of them recognized that I was sitting there and said,


“Uncle mat kaho, yaar. Bhaiya chalega”

“OK! Bhaiya, if you could exchange your seat with one of the few we had in next bogey, it would be so sweet of you. All our friends could then sit together and chat.”

(I was in no mood to do that but for showing my sweetness, I had to leave that special bogey.)
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Monday, 16 May 2011

looking forward to the lonely days ahead of me....

Its great to be me....You can do anything you want.....and mostly you can talk to yourself and find yourself staring at the black sky....This is beautiful...

I am doing what i always wanted to do....something to think about in the coming-up-days, listening to the ear-splitting songs, walking all alone under the night sky...and mostly trying out new tastes of life....

I am doing a project that is attracting me every time i think about it...its great....

Guys and gals, keep posting ......
IISER-K is great bustling of sounds....and noises....just  a beautiful silence all around....

The Viento

P.S: DC and Me planning to try out songs ones.....and damn the lyrics will be coming out shortly...
But the motherfucking gets to your me...

Friday, 6 May 2011

Its unofficial...but still great........resistances from xabp....but still i hope this blog gets on....

-The Viento