Thursday, 8 March 2012

The Monsoon...

Heavy rain and monsoon. Another day went by and I was still in the middle of this turmoil of my life. I parked my cycle near a bus stop. It was too heavy a task for me to cycle all the way back to my dark grim room. Grim, because I was the only entity living there since four years I joined his lab. Well, he has been compassionate and well, I should say, merciful these four years. I was fortunate. I was blessed.

He rightly says, ‘grab a beer and chill out, if your results are not coming up,’

Grab a beer! That’s easy to say. Yes, that’s easy to say…. But with whom?

I sighed as I looked up. It was dark; rain was heavy and I was drenched up to my throat.
I suddenly realised that I was not alone in this beautiful monsoon weather. Beautiful!
I saw a girl. She was fighting with the heavy droplets that distorted her hair and darkened the blue colour salwar she was wearing. It was her.

She probably didn’t notice me. For there was always this smile; there was always this smile every day on her face since we met.  We met! That’s strange…actually we smile at each other every day we come across back at our institute since the last three years.   We never met, infact.  We walk across each other…

I looked at her. There was this silver piece of earring she wore on her ears. It was always there. Always. I felt a slight tingle in my ears. I felt a song in the midst of this monsoon. Strange.

She cared to look up and saw me. I smiled. She smiled back. We returned our usual glance and got back to our own ways. This has been the usual procedure since the last couple of years. Sad and pitiable, isn’t it?
I desperately wanted to break the silence that we had been sharing all these years. But is it worth it? I was blank. I should talk.

I looked at her. She was beautiful. I sighed, well, she is beautiful... I tried to open my mouth and say how’s you! Bloody hell! A ‘how’s you?’ What should I then say! Where shall I start? What shall I start?   She noticed me staring and gaping at her.

She looked.  She smiled. I smiled back. And we returned to our usual ways. Great..

Worthless. Useless!  I gave up. I took out my phone and tried to mimic as if I was calling someone.  But before I can do that, her phone rang. Fate! Destiny perhaps… I gave that up too as she got busy with her electronic device. And minutes later a black sedan arrived beside me.

I glanced at her. She smiled at me. I smiled back. She hopped into the sedan. Seconds later, it disappeared in the rain.
I sighed.
Does she care?
Do I care?  

The Viento

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