Friday, 15 June 2012

The Two Pieces of Rose..

So I write to you.
With two pieces of roses,
And so the humming bees
Defer at all with my phrases…
So long the sun has shone,
With broken twigs alive all along,
The lies of ancient war rages
What lies in me, what lies in you.
So you defer to what I say,
We long parted our thoughts do sway,
“Like a bridge over all the thorns..”
You promised me all along.

With long lost, the other piece of rose,
The life i had, but the life you chose..

So i write to you,
with eyes so  red, and heart so true,
The wind speaks, but why don’t you?
We were one, as you did say,
And the shores fell all silent..
“like a bridge over all the thorns..”
You promised me all along..
And so I write to you,
With two pieces of roses,
The humming bees defer
At all with my phrases.

The Viento


Sometimes in moments like this, i feel that nature is nothing but a beautiful broadcasting station working at a divine frequency.......God is speaking through it ever since but we all just forgot how to tune in......

The Viento

Monday, 11 June 2012

From One Monsoon to Another

(A poem dedicated to my friend, The Viento)

He wrote a piece about the rain,
when it was still afar.
His voice wasn't heard,
o'er the din of the lives,
of the great mean walking past.

Thus silenced he spoke no more,
and went away to an unknown land.

Come monsoon came no one,
to welcome it that year.
There was no one to sing its praise,
to shed a handful tears.

And then the people,
unable to write,
in the praise of the rain itself.
Wrote in the praise of the man who was,
lost in the rain,
a true son of rain herself.