Friday, 15 June 2012

The Two Pieces of Rose..

So I write to you.
With two pieces of roses,
And so the humming bees
Defer at all with my phrases…
So long the sun has shone,
With broken twigs alive all along,
The lies of ancient war rages
What lies in me, what lies in you.
So you defer to what I say,
We long parted our thoughts do sway,
“Like a bridge over all the thorns..”
You promised me all along.

With long lost, the other piece of rose,
The life i had, but the life you chose..

So i write to you,
with eyes so  red, and heart so true,
The wind speaks, but why don’t you?
We were one, as you did say,
And the shores fell all silent..
“like a bridge over all the thorns..”
You promised me all along..
And so I write to you,
With two pieces of roses,
The humming bees defer
At all with my phrases.

The Viento


  1. Beautiful lyrics. But could you elaborate the context a bit for this layman? So that i may understand it better.

  2. Here's "an" interpretation:
    The two roses are symbolic of two hearts. One yours and one of the girl you love.
    I some how get the feeling that the two persons have fallen apart.
    Broken twigs=hurt feelings.
    These are things you had buried inside, taken to be dead(or solved). They have been hidden for a long time (refer sun shining). But in fact, these feelings of hurt are still alive and fresh and have now resurfaced.
    As a result, the lies of ancient wars rage i.e. lies and moments of the fights that you had a long time ago come back to u.
    As a result, watever lies inside u (hurt and pain) and her is coming out.
    Your thoughts n opinions about each other are swaying like the promised bridge over thorns. But the sway of the bridge is exposing the thorns and causing a lot of pain.

    You have lost one of the hearts mentioned. Which i dunno. I believe hers.

    3rd para is self-explanatory.

    I hope i am not too far from the truth, though i am guess i actually am. The reference to the bees was not clear to me.

  3. Well its a great interpretation that you gave........infact it looks quite right from the lines i wrote...

    But then what i meant in those lines is something different...

    In a gist, i would wrap up it in this way:

    Its about me, who has two sides, two souls, you may say... even if you think about yourself, you will find that there are two minds in your brain, one who imagines great and different things, one who is always beside you and wants you to become someone great and different, and the other, who is actually you in this solid human form,is forced to do things that differs from the other you, because of reality....You two are of the same mind and heart, but you have to differ in things he wishes you to do but you can't...things that the other one wishes you to do, but you differ....

    So one day, the other one becomes silent and lost in your own thoughts.....and now you realise that you two were of the same heart and mind, but everything gets lost as you chose a different path, you chose different emotions and promises, your allegiance is now to someone else.....and so everything differs..... and you regret....but its well too late........and so i write to the other me......and say why can't we be again the same person? Why did the other piece of rose went silent??


    By the way, great interpretation.....actually what you wrote can also be a great interpretation.......:)

    The Viento

  4. Oh its beautiful really is. I wish I could write poems, I cannot anymore. I remember your explanation for writing poems and I don't know if I should be happy or sad about it. I do miss it though, I do.


  5. Gr8. Truly very deep man!
    Your interpretation gave me completely different feel out of this poem.
    And this is true! We have two minds inside us. And we don't listen to the one that tells us to do gr8 things, that tells us to dream. We used to when we were kids. We dreamt big. But now, we are too scared. People have told us whats possible and whats not once too often and unfortunately, we believe them. We let others set our own boundaries and we stop listening to our hearts.