Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Guns at my head!!!

i cant believe i m writing this shit again. Yet again, this blog is what supports me in and out. Nothing matters now. IISER is my home. And i am yearning to go back there. Desperately. Home is hell. You don't have any freedom, ur right to speech, right to freedom are curtailed. Even your right to drink something special gets fucked up! What more can i ask for? Trust me guys and girls.......home is what and where you can't do anything that your heart yearns. You have to sleep by midnight! What's that? Can you believe i go to bed by 12?? NO, No, i am seriously not liking it here.

Back at IISER, it was the glory days... You can do anything..........peace.........

Don't consider it a stupid, slipshod rhetoric.

-The Viento


  1. Dude,
    wat u say is true. u know, one might even think of enduring the state of emergency that one is subjected to at home as the food that one gets here more than makes up for it (there is no way i am ever gonna miss Jai Mata Di food, so staying at home is made bearable thanx 2 d food.)
    but wat does take u to the very edge of unbearableness is the fact, which u correctly pointed out, that one must go to bed by 12. it is criminally insane and unfair to subject us to such harsh and brutal laws.
    but well, wats d way out?
    open rebellion?
    i guess v anyways are no better than outlaws, living in the jungles of mohanpur, surrounded by foxes and snakes, and not to forget, naxalites!

  2. ha ha ha......................yes we are no better than outlaws....and yet we even can't rebel to make it worse..........

    The Viento

    P.S. nothing but food is bearable.