Friday, 27 May 2011

It depends. But still i believe and presume that IISERs built only for science should be only for science. Why build a placement cell?? i understand the sentiments of students who opt and really want to go for jobs.........but it is IISER. Science. Why the placement cell? it was clearly and and quite openly stated that IISER will be completely dedicated to science........and then this placement cell...!!

i want opinions!
I want answers!
keep blogging and reply if you can....all!!

-The Viento


  1. Dear viento,
    what is the matter dear?You know,no news from IISER,keep us in touch.


  2. i dont feel the institute should have such a narrow-minded approach to the issue of placement cells. let's not fool ourselves, money comes pretty high in the priority list now-a-days. we shud hav a placement cell bcos firstly, it will attract good students to the institute and secondly, who says there are no research labs in companies. have placements only for research posts in companies and the problem will be solved. the institute should not be deciding whether a student should do a phd or work in a lab. let the student decide that. that's wat i feel.

  3. But then you see....companies having research labs are not the one paying big bucks and it is so not common in India. IISER will anyway attract excellent students....but again you see students should not come here because their future is secured by high paying jobs....but those students who wish to secure the future of this country...passionate for science...You see, i went through an article yesterday, and it was about IISER...all those big names of our institutes have given up their posts in foreign Universities to create a scientific talent pool here in India....thats why IISER was built to propagate science and not jobs in some private sector companies....i don't have aby grudge but it's what i feel.......

    Have a great project....
    The Viento

  4. hey,tell the link regarding IISER article. IISER should have placement cell.and placement includes 'getting Ph.D from prestigious colleges.'

    @viento-we can't take it 4 granted that bright students would come.we need 2 show to them that here u will be in good company. This is the place where students got selected in Oxford and Cornell .
    plus, science students can spread scientific temperament in the society, wherever they work and whatever, they do.dude!this is utmost required considering the prevalent superstition in INDIA.