Saturday, 6 August 2011

Whats in for me??

Quantum is underway and i am way too excited. Last chance and perhaps the deciding semester. Physics or Biology... Well, biology gives me this inside feeling and every time i read about an experiment or read a paper. Its obsessive and well very extensive and with physics it adds up the spice. The profs of bio are awesome (exception this semester) You look around and you feel the world is precisely a biological process and with physics it makes it much more easy. Physics is interesting, physics is gapingly awesome, physics is passion and madness. Biology is silent, true, more faithful, and is an obsession once it gets into your blood. Truly, it is and both compliment each other perfectly. I had always loved physics or i had thought, but in fact its not physics which i had always loved. Its the largest and the smallest explanations of the largest and the smallest thing present in this universe. Before coming here, it was physics which i had acquainted myself with to explain the tiniest and the biggest explanation. But then, there stands biology giving the best possible explanation you would get in the entirety, that eats your heart with passion and obsession. well, lets hope for the best.

Take a bow,

The Viento


  1. @eats your heart with passion and obsession

    Is there something really disturbing about this phrase, or am I just overreacting to a trivial premise?


  2. i am at first making a scowling face for this comment...yes you are overreacting a you tell me what u understood or found really disturbing about this phrase???

    take a bow,

    The Viento