Monday, 25 July 2011

This is insane....IISER K has gone crazy.

You can't just sit back and watch now! But still it hits me like a bullet to see most of our friends not with us.. IISER can't do this. They can't detain anyone for one single subject. THIS IS EXCRUCIATINGLY PAINFUL AND UTTERLY INSANE. And that too even of a person who has pointer as high as 7!!! How can they do this?? Half of our class...your life will be screwed if this happens!

Man, this thing has saddened me. IISER K will be then called like "institute-to-get-screwed".
Anyone out here, do you agree with the word called "detained"............

We need to talk...........
Who's with me??
Please we need support..

The Viento


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  2. let us come first.......sure we 2nd and 3rd year will talk together wid teachers.


  3. Yes. This is insane!!! Whoever heard of being held back for one year just for one paper? And The institute has nothing to gain from such a rule except perhaps gaining sadistic pleasure out of other's light while our friends have everything to loose. Who would want to repeat a year? Most, if not all, will leave the institute.
    One more thing to notice guys: We have only 3 lab periods this sem. That means that our batch is to be divided into 3 groups only instead of 4. The capacities of our labs remain the same. I suspect that they plan to fit in everyone in just 3 batches because they must be counting on all those students reducing due to year backs. Horrible!