Friday, 23 December 2011

The Demons Inside Me

There are demons inside me,
tearing up my insides,
splitting me apart,
leaving me undecided on my choices in life.

There are demons inside me,
they are numerous and strong,
my past, present, and my future
along with my love, anger, hate pain, right and wrong.

There are demons inside me,
each one a war on its own,
i either survive or perish,
coz its a battle that i have to fight alone.

There are demons inside me,
and each day the fight goes on,
it may be exhausting,
but i'll still defend my dreams,
my happiness, my choices, my life itself,
till all these demons are gone.



  1. There you are, ultimately.....i thought you were pooped of this....but then...

    Is this conscience that you were talking about??

  2. I'm talking of all the different choices inside us. one part of us tells us to do one thing while another part tells us to do something else.