Friday, 30 December 2011

I was very nostalgic today. I saw the site that we created (curiosity? here it is,; so many hopes were with us, expectations of creating a twin tower out of the site...and now its all but anything. Surely we lost. When i look back, i remember the passion that was within us, every second of it wasted in building and modifying the site...but now just dust. Those who were with me in creating the site, will definitely feel this, will definitely be nostalgic about it. 

I remember xabp, and the wildest thoughts that he carried and shared with me. I should say, it lifted my heart and i would immediately imagine myself in a different context. Well, i miss it. I regret it.    

I dont want to write more..
I was there.
It was brilliant.
I lost it.

 The Viento

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