Thursday, 26 July 2012

The Real Love

It has been more than heaven of a week since he started behaving quite oddly with me. It was not the real him. I was worried, not about falling out of love with him, but worried if someone has found out. But still I was possessed by this dirty thought, is he trying to leave me for good?
We only meet on weekends. Both of us live a hectic life and quite well away from each other. We manage to find a day or two to cuddle up together somewhere in a hotel, but that happens rarely; two times in a month I guess. It has been long nine months since we started out. I quite well remember the day we met. I was sneaking up in the bathroom of a shopping mall trying to vomit out the vodka that was swirling and causing a wave of tornado in my stomach, when I saw him. Well, I fell in love instantaneously. Nine seconds they say, yes just nine seconds!
I was getting frustrated by his frequent hanging up, being busy line that he always thwarts out from his mouth. Frankly speaking, I was getting desperate now and quite curious and cynical. Well, shit happens, and if it happens to him, what will I do?
I decided to leave immediately. It was 10:45 PM on my watch. I thought for a while…shall I go? It can be a surprise though, he loves surprises…Yes… he does love surprises..
So I rolled out with my car. It was raining, and I dropped by a shop to buy some flowers. I smiled,  I can’t wait to meet him…a hour and a half to his doorway.

It was 12:15 AM by my watch when I arrived at his doorstep. I knocked. No one answered. I knocked again. After a minute or so, the door happened and yes, just as I guessed....Shit happens….
 And indeed, shit happened…..
I didn’t say anything, and I barged into the house. The girl followed me behind.
‘hey, well, can I help you,’ she said and I ignored.
‘well, wait up, what do you need? Whom do you want?’ she held my hand.
I stared at her, took a deep breath and said, ‘Where is he?’
‘He is in the bathroom,’
‘Call him,’
She looked at me for a while, and then went inside. My heart was thumping as though I just survived a freakishly closed accident. How did this happen?
After a minute or so, he came. He saw me. He gaped. He stared.
‘What’s this?’ I asked, furious, pointing at her.
 The girl was startled, amazed and was totally blank.
‘I can explain,’ he came up with.
‘So that’s why you were not receiving my calls so that you can fuck her right here, and kick me out of your life, huh?’ I yelled.
‘Excuse me, what’s going on here?’ she poked him.
‘You stay out of this bitch,’ I yelled at her, ‘tell me? We are together…. you love me okay…this was the same bed where we once slept together, you forgot all that?tell me,’

There was a moment of silence.
‘Okay, I mean,’ she fumbled, ‘you two are… well, gay?’
We both stared at her.
‘HOLY SHIT,’ she gaped at us, fear and shock was visible in her eyes.
‘You bastard,’ she yelled at him, took her bag and stormed outside.
The door banged and she was out of sight.

-The Viento


  1. The real twist at the end.. nice one.

  2. Uh-oh, shit happened eh? What a twist. Poor girl though. Nice story.


  3. thanks....neha and warrior within......

    Are you new warrior within??

    The Viento

    1. ah yes I never commented or blogged before..

    2. May we know you warrior?

  4. Nice ending Vinto. (though i predicted it from the fact that the 2 persons met in a bathroom - obviously they had to be of the same sex. Also, the way this guy's thinking process is going, it has to be a guy.)
    Very nice concept. I like the fact that you can write stories and poems from from a 1st person point of view and yet, it could be completely unrelated to ur life.
    Keep blogging...