Tuesday, 24 May 2011

On the trip from Mohanpur to New Delhi

Even before I had started packing my ‘clean’ clothes (I had washed them unlike my friends who had at least one thing for their mother), Shashank stormed (surprisingly! without any book in hand) into my room and declared that this time he would be going in Sleeper Class. He asked about mine and I replied with  pride, “What else, Rajdhani”.

  “Hey, bakwaas , nahi. Last time only you had gone in Sleeper, hadn’t you?” 

“Oh,  ho! That’s an entirely different issue. OK, tell me why Sleeper in this super-hot whether?”

“I thought for a change of plan. Last time I had gone in Rajdhani. Yaar,koi nahi dikhi. Kharab kismet! But you got one just opposite to your seat.  This time I thanked papa for my Sleeper ticket. Go on Rajdhani and see by yourself there are only families and oldies. No girls, man“

“I know but I preferred comfort over being roasted raw for seeing some chicks. Let’s see if I am lucky.”

(Then suddenly Atharav enters carrying a book and sporting his pink shirt which he has been wearing for the last week.)

Bhediye! Pagal kahi ke!! Book lene se pehle puch toh liya hota.  Hey! Why you are running. You just come within my reach"

(Shashank started chasing him.)


“You won’t get any girl. I’m sure’, he shouted back.
Next day, I packed my stuffs and started my journey. Thanks to fantastic location of our college, I had to leave hostel a good 3 hours early to reach on time. On reaching station, I boarded into my bogey. My goodness! Whole pack of girls was struggling with their luggage.  In my compartment only, out of 8 seats, 7 belonged to them. Apparently, they were going on a school trip. But my luck was short-timed. 

It took them some minutes to arrange their ‘extra-large’ luggages. One who had the largest one had to confess to her friends, who were helping her in pushing it below the seat, that she had packed only lucky no.11 tops in addition to usual female paraphernalia. As soon as they were comfortable, one of them recognized that I was sitting there and said,


“Uncle mat kaho, yaar. Bhaiya chalega”

“OK! Bhaiya, if you could exchange your seat with one of the few we had in next bogey, it would be so sweet of you. All our friends could then sit together and chat.”

(I was in no mood to do that but for showing my sweetness, I had to leave that special bogey.)
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  1. That was real funny!!!!

    Keep Posting.....

  2. Why do I have to do this irritating job always?

    Can you reveal yourself Mr. Raahi or miss for that matter?

    It sounds like Mohit though,sorry if the guess is wrong and appreciations welcome if right.


  3. There are several things which prove that this is pathik:
    1st d language is pretty much like hime, what with phrases stolen from me ( i wont't back off from taking credit here too ).
    2nd the name raahi is self explanatory.
    The only thing that us un-Mohitly is the rotten luck that this guy faced with regards to girls. i know mohit to hav better luck when dealing with the fairer sex.
    but i guess every dog has his day.
    excellent article dude( and natasha, i'm pretty sure it cannot be a girl unless u seem to suggest that girls in iiser kolkata are interested in gals)
    keep it up

  4. Thanks for bringing that point to my notice,Dreamer.


  5. ya, u r correct@Dreamer(sorry,BUT I won't add THE :-P).

    due to luck factor. this is not Pathik but a Raahi who need 2 increase his level. nonetheless,gud try! ;-)

    this needn't be a boy just because it is written in 1st person. this can a girl's story written from a boy's point of view. any argument?

  6. i dont get it. are u trying to deny that u r Pathik? if u r then i m sorry to report that u r making a pretty bad job of it cos ur comment still says "PathFinder said..."
    by the way, only u Mr. pathik are capable of being called "uncle" by girls thanks to the famous retro look. now try arguing that.