Friday, 15 July 2011

God Abhors Naked Singularities....!!

Restricted....this is gonna go worse...!!!

Naked. The very word makes us yell or gape in excitement (for some), and adrenaline and testosterone gets charged.....and of course not to forget, for the least...what the f?? But its true, we have been made in such a way that our culture or our tradition has itself deep-rooted our minds with the fact that dancing and running around naked is abhorred. Whoa what if...? Well, i wont comment.... though Its the famous Stephen Hawking line......

Now, ahem... let me start. Singularities. Well, or singularity is the point of breakdown of physics laws where matter gets destroyed and collapse to the point of just a dot, like the dot in "i". Black holes, we all know, can't be seen, coz of course, light gets red-shifted more and more before they reach us and it takes infinite time to reach an observer just situated outside the Event Horizon. But once you're inside you will be sucked up pretty big time. Now for an observer just outside the event horizon, life would practically normal.
Naked Singularities doesnt have an event horizon. That means if there ever is anything like a naked singularity, we will observe it NAKED! But well, GOD, you have to believe in it. And much to our surprise, there has been still a debate going over this Naked singularity and well as of now, nothing of such is seen. There you go! We are just not allowed to see something naked! Physicists say, its because the breakdown of every single laws of physics!! So we are like forbidden, but yes the The Loop Quantum Gravity do suggest there should exist a Naked Singularity! This naked singularity as of many scientists had suggested can be A Worm Hole. Whoa! A Bloody Worm Hole! You fall into it and maybe space-time travel can lead you to your past, but future is what the worm holes are thought to lead to!! Amazing ainn't it? The space-time gets curved so much that this singularity can actually lead you to beyond your reality! Well, this is what researchers say not me..!!

Now, the main thing! You see, science, tradition, and The higher power, seems to me like one unified something! For the singularity, the event horizon is like its bloody godforsaken clothes! We are just not allowed to have a peep! There you go again! See. If you peep! You're gone! wtf? That's true! You give a "peep" to someone you fancy and it's just abhorred!! Punishments, like real bloody  punishments follows! This is just deep rooted in our every nerve and blood! That's how we are made!

God does abhors naked singularities! That's true....Even if you are so lucky enough to see it, you actually have to give your life doing that! Weird, that it happens in our regular life! Naked singularities are truly exciting and it does turns your testosterone up to high levels! This is same with human mind! Everything is this world are inn relationship with the other in some way or the other.

But then, let me tell you, that this is not a stupid rhetoric...hmmmm \:p/

The Viento


  1. Viento, u seem to hav had an unpleasant experience in the past with regards to peeping.
    Anyways, could you pls shed some more light on what a black hole without an event horizon might look like?

  2. Well, not really, and that would ofcourse be the consequence and you should agree.. and black hole without an Event Horizon has been predicted but yet not seen...some say it maybe actually be a worm hole...and that's the question aint it? Coz, black hole without an Event horizon is actually people without clothes, naked!! Still a debate over this, but yes it does predicts and as "God Abhors naked singularities" it has not yet been seen..