Monday, 11 July 2011

Rennaiscence at home once agan....!!!

10:25 PM
JC Bose Library
Temperature 20 degree Celsius ( thanks to the AC)

Can't be much happier. Back at home, and back is my freedom. Freedom can be anything. Like spanking my roomie's ass as hard as i want. just a prick of joke. No Offence! But i m beyond my own bliss to know what i am writing and to take any offence from someone who reads this piece of shit!! Well, half of my classmate's are out here, doing what we call scientific projects. But to be frank and to be righteous, we and many of my friends hardly know there exact topic or their exact title!! Funny, right?

I met Naman and we laughed our ass off when we both idiots started talking about Aishwarya....well, i wont exactly divulge now what exactly i mean by that! But still, it was hell nice to see most of our friends out here.

Precisely, i would like to tell that, now atleast i can shout my throat off, i can sleep till evening, and who cares!!

But what in your view can be actually  be the fact that i am back  for good and yet you think that i have gone crazy?? No way!!

The Viento


  1. dude, just so u can laugh ur ass off some more, here's a joke on Aishwarya. now i know dat v decided 2 keep d contents of our blog decent, bt wat d hell! as u said, who cares? so here goes:
    Notice that Aishwarya did 3 films with Abhishek (Guru, Raavan n Dhoom2) n nothing happened. She did 1 with Rajnikant (Robot) n got pregnant!!!

  2. m happy for u viento,
    @Dreamer:bad bad joke