Saturday, 16 July 2011

A hard truth!

Alive but not living, Dead but not departed!

Darn! its those beautiful evenings with a light drizzle again that you would wish too pass soon. Yet i find it so majestically beautiful. I am listening to Vanilla Twilight, and well, broken fragile thoughts knock your heart out, unforgiving and yet so colossal.

Every day, i am trying to forget a little more about her. Yes i do. Its exhausting and yet so compelling. The very existence of mine gets diminished a little more. I really don't know whats happening. Profoundly deep it is, within my soul and singing with a lie. The very unconventional lie that surrounds every human being! What exactly does relationship tell? The interactions are mostly a lie, not profound for most. And here i am, sucked up beside this slight drizzle,  dreary thoughts about her that were so contrary. I perhaps was misled by myself. I was so wrong!
It has no meaning, like an empty vessel, that keeps echoing her presence.
It grasps you from inside, and i am trying to run far away from this hard truth......

Its better to stop believing in love..

The Viento


  1. As far as the writing is concerned, i don't know how you do it but i read your sentences and i feel as if i am reading the lines of a poem. Damn, even my poems don't sound like poems. I still have to work on that.
    Coming to the content itself, plz tell me you don't really mean all this. Dude, what you thought to be facts and figures might be a lie but definitely not your and her feelings.

  2. Shit....this is a little more exaggeration....when i m depressed, i dont know what i write......

    I mean it, every word, Dreamer.
    And her feelings? Does she give a damn, of what i am thinking and of my feelings? No. NO.She had completely isolated from the world that we together used to think of. That's how her words echoed in my ears....No use talking about this. Its empty underneath her every word...

    The Viento