Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Wake up Indians!
I sometimes wonder how much can a person achieve in life. I read of Bhagat Singh and co., Subhash Chandra Bose, and other revolutionaries. I heard that they were lunatic. Unfortunately I never saw them struggling. Now I see this son of a farmer, polio patient fight out a battle single handedly and wonder if this was in some way the way the revolutionaries fought. They struggled against invaders from outside, this man fights against invaders from within the nation. I really lament on the freedom that we have achieved, and truly feel that the nation has betrayed all the freedom fighters. The nation is still captivated; earlier British were the captivators, now is the government and the bureaucracy. British plundered the nation and drained the wealth to England; the ministers are plundering the nation to channel the riches to Switzerland.

Half of the nation remains hungry, impoverished, roofless and malnourished and the creamy fraction of the country have so much money that they cannot keep it in their nation! 400 lakh crores! And in figures it is a monster 4000000000000000. And then the government requires foreign investment! Already have they sent a monster amount outside and further they use these giants to butcher the indigenous traders.

He says it right. 15th August 1947 was not the Independence Day. It was the day of change of power. More than half of the laws in the constitution are made by British. Our tradition, our culture has been suppressed to death by us. Ayurveda, Gurukul have almost being extinct. Indians (even Hindus) today don’t know what’s written in Vedas and Upanishads – reason – English education system (mind you every other progressive nation of the world studies in his own national language). Land Acquisition act – a British Raj law – has not yet been amended (and Rahul Gandhi roams around in U.P.). Reservation, a boon in early post independence years has grown up to an extent that it eats up the nation. And when a Ramdev comes out to oppose on the issues, the government brutally tries to sabotage the movement.

A more disheartening fact is that even some of the common people maintain that Ramdev must refrain from the movement as it is not his domain. Illogical as nation’s well being is in everyone’s domain and (more importantly) is everyone’s duties. The media too seems to be sold off as they question Ramdev on why he enters politics but after Supreme Court’s orders don’t question the government on why this issue was suppressed for too long.

But we know, elections are far away and Indian memory is short. Come on Indians! Let this not happen anymore. Support the leader and renew the nation. Don’t let India be plundered again.

The Introvert


  1. r these ur own thoughts?
    i cannot disagree more wid u.

  2. Very very good...
    yes 15th aug was just the day of change of power...
    yes d wealth is again been drained by our own countrymen...
    idiotic laws,improper rules,,,
    lets build a better country now

  3. You can't talk about sabotaging Ramdev and stuff like that, without actually knowing it!
    And about Vedas and Upanishads i don't know that too...but still i know every single thing that happened in our culture....and india isnt being plundered, look around, you will know that!!

  4. Every citizen of India knows what happened on the 4th of June. If setting a peaceful protest camp on fire at 1 am is not sabotaging so what is it? And if the police cops are to be believed that Ramdev was under threat of security, they could peacefully take him into custody. I don't find any difference between the police crackdown on 4th June and the one shown in Rang De Basanti.
    And on Vedas, you know what happened in our culture? You really do? Then read my next blog.
    And alas you dont realise that India is being plundered. You and I don't deposit money in Swiss banks. And 400 lakh crores is about 1 lakh crore from each Indian. Is it not a plunder?

  5. no it is not being plundered. n natasha, the laws arent idiotic, the execution is. u think ramdev is doing something very gr8 eh? well, have u seen him in recent news? he's disappeared. bcoz the CBI is probing his bank accounts. also, mr. ramdev, alleged expert of yoga, couldnt stand a fast for 4 days. wat the hell? while very cmmon social activists, who do not happen to be yoga gurus and whose names are never in the news sometimes go fasting for over a 100 days even. the entire fast and hospitalization of ramdev was a farce.
    coming to ayurved and gurukul, there are reasons why they are going extinct. n thats bcoz they r simple ineffective. they cannot keep up with the times. ayurveda cant cure something as simple as tuberculosis or polio. u want ayurveda to work not bcoz it really is an effective remedy but just bcoz it comes from ur country. Also, this is not true that ayurveda is indian. even the chinese use herbs and rhino horns and wat not for treatments. this is all patriotic bullshit that v r being fed by those who dont want us to progress. the bad part is that v take these arguments at face value n start believing that v r living in some kind of a hell. What the hell???

  6. 1. Someone takes away your money for no reason and you say you are not being plundered! Take for example our dear Sandipan, who gave 10,000 bucks as bribe for a passport. My uncle,a flour mill owner bribes the police every month as he does not have a license and making a license and renewing it would be costlier (due to bribes at multiple levels) than bribing the police. Goto the railway station and the TTE offers you to give him a bribe. Travel on roads and the drivers bribe the traffic police for carrying more passengers than the specified limit. All the money that goes in these transaction goes black. And hence we are being plundered.

    2. If you could not see Ramdev recently then I must inform you that I saw him in last week's "Aapki Adaalat" 10 PM Sunday. He was in the newspapers when SC gave the orders for SIT. And by the way get up early 5 to 8 AM Aastha, he speaks openly against black money each day in his Yoga camps. CBI is probing into Ramdev's accounts since the police crackdown. What is the problem in that? The problem would arise when something is caught black in his accounts. And I tell you CBI probe into Ramdev's accounts was made such a hipe in the news. But I would be glad if the media gave so much of hipe to the government's reactions on SC's scolding to the government on black money (the news didn't last for a day).

    3. Why should Ramdev's fast last for 100 days? Fasts are done to attract the attention of the government and the public towards an issue. He did attract the attention of the public and the fast was taken back. Whatever; why should we be critical on how many days the fast lasts. The point is black money and not duration of fasting.

    4. On the effectiveness of Yoga and Ayurveda, medical science does not cure BP, you have to take BP medicines life long. And medicines cost. Ayurveda cures BP, you don't have to take medicines lifelong. Ayurveda treats TB, polio (Ramdev was a polio patient for your information), tumours (modern medical science suggests operations and does not guarantee non recurrence) (and my mother had tumour which was treated by ayurveda), cancer etc. For more details follow ayurveda or watch Ramdev give you the proofs.
    And do you know what does the government do to promote Ayurveda? Open up an agency called aayush to look after Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Urani, Accupressure, Accupuncture etc. And the agency does practically nothing due to lack of funds.

    5. Ayurveda is ours as all the yoga was taken from Rigveda and all the Ayurveda from Athrvaveda. They are the oldest text in mankind. Chineese knew it from us.

    Again, don't go by the face value. Go by logic and proofs. Investigate...

  7. I told u i dont know anything about Vedas, but as my culture and tradition is concerned, i know every singled detaile about it. Yes, Dreamer was correct. At our place, we still recommend ayurveda very highly. But just that it takes time for it to come into effect, so people prefer scientific medicines, but don't forget those are also the contribution of ayurveda.
    And yes we are not plundered. A very simple instace, you're getting 5000 every month, where does this come from? So are we still plundered. We are not. This is just a basic example. There are lots out there. And Dreamer was absolutely correct about Mr. Ramdev. I agree.

  8. Why is it getting into you? Why is MR. Ramdev so dearer to you?? \:P/

  9. Hey, you guys are from IISER-K right? I'll be joining this year. Nice to meet you all.

  10. I don't get the relation between 5000 and plunder.
    And the thing which makes Ramdev dearer to me is the same thing which makes Bhagat Singh closer to every Indian.

    Whatever don't you consider the instanses cited as plunders?

  11. Welcome to IISER Riju. Hope to see you soon

  12. @introvert:i feel that u have had some not so good experience sometym back...is that so???

  13. do u thnk it can chnge.....i mean these problems have long been posed b4 us.....ppl like u have questiond them but nt much has wrked u see....and besides I feel the bribery policy that has been developed is a valid point but i feel the ayurveda thng is vague.....considering the situation u gotta for modern drugs or ayurveda...u cant leave the other out to support....2 pipes drain the water out faster than one......

  14. Why don't we give it a try Deep. At least support a leader who has come up to fight against the issue. Even the people of India initially never thought they would be able to be ruled by their own citizens. But once they got united, they got what they wanted.

    This is a new challenge. 400 lakh crore is not a small amount mind you. It is 4 lakh per person. Had the money stayed in the country. The nation would witness development to an extent, never seen earlier. Is it not your right to live in a developed India? If yes then support the movement.

    The problem here is people oppose the one who is speaking for their benefit. He talks of bringing the money back to the country. Is he wrong? He speaks of life sentence to the corrupt ministers. Is he wrong? He speaks of boosting Ayurveda and yoga and Indian culture. Is he wrong? He says that Indians must get a chance to study in their mother tongue. Is he wrong? Or is he wrong just because he is a yoga teacher who also speaks of the nation?

  15. The 4th June crackdown man. A torrid experience when you think of it. This was the not so good experience.

  16. About the ayurveda thing... Who asks you to scrap off allopathy. I asked only for a boost for ayurveda. As the govt gives to the allopathic sector.

    You call ayurveda vague but the fact is people have benefited from it i) At a cost lower that that of the allopathic medicines ii) Without side-effects iii) They have escaped diseases declared as incurable by modern medical science.