Thursday, 7 July 2011

Who am i to curse?

Really, doesn't people want to be a satan? or quite possibly a follower of satan? I do. Sometimes. That sometime is right at this moment, while i am blogging. Synonym for devil, an angel who rebelled against God. But then how can you define God? GOD? GOD? He who does good? He who bestows people all His Love and care? Why is that a custom to write god as in capital letters "GOD" or perhaps "God"?  There are followers of Satan and i've met many of them. Its not that they wanted to harm me or something. But their views were so obnoxious and opposing to a normal man.  Yes, i dont know if i believe in god or not. But still believing in Satan is not what i do too. But sometimes, out of the dirt, i feel, what if??

For most Christians, he is who, who rebelled against God — and also the one who spoke through the serpent and seduced Eve into disobeying God's command.

Satan, before his insurrection, was among the highest of all angels and the brightest in the sky! 
The Book of Revelation tells that Satan was cast out of heaven into The Earth. You have seen rock bands, ACDC, and all, they follow the zombie culture. But does that make them you know what we call satanic? NO, NO way, that is what they believe and so what? I can believe in Satan and follow Satan, but how does it make me satanic? I have to repeat what Satan has done to be satanic!! I believe in neither. But still the edge remains clear like the blue sky. Being Compassionate, being humorous, being emphatic, does that mean i dont believe or follow Satan? Who Knows? /:P\

The Viento


  1. so what are u saying, basically? r u the good, or r u the bad?

  2. I can be the both.....and i can be the worshiper of what? does that mean i m nt the gud part???

  3. sigh...
    I dont really know the answer to all the questions viento,but sometimes I would just love to act without reasons,where I wouldnt be caring about anyone.Is that what being satanic is?If it is all about being your own top priority and doing what really helps you out of your state,then I would love to be satanic,in fact I would be happy.But if everyone becomes the same world would be all chaos and the non-satanic part in me doesnt allow this.This part is surely stronger(well in most cases,hence all the good we see around us)but I believe there is a Satan in all of us ready to breakout.