Saturday, 23 July 2011

You can't go..

Before i start crying along, well, i will surely miss you, Panigrahi! Being just frank, so no big issues right? screw the earlier blog that i had posted. noffence, but, i wish you never got, dont go! Please, heartiest request!. You're one of those who make iiser possible! come on man, you have got a big bright future out here! Shit! Asshole! Why do you have to do this??

Come'on, we need you, in a zillion ways possible, and those are just petty thing that now i am crying for! Asshole, you said you'd comeback! Atleast, you were and will be always my first love! Come'on now, change your mind!

Your craziest ideas, your fascinating views, inspire us all! Dude, the counter strike legacy and yes the fifa thingy, you can't just leave us like that! No shithole, you can't! fuck you!

Fuck you!
Come home..

The Viento


  1. WTF??? how dare u leave us u shit head. Viento is ryt when he saysv need u. c'mon man! no place else will give u wat iiser does - "US". wat happened 2 broforce n all dat? u cant just desert us. u r bound 2 us for 5 years dude n v wot allow u 2 break that agreement no matter how much u hate it. C'mon dude! For god's sake dont.

  2. Well if by any chance you are reading this, so let me assure you that I won't ask you to stay here. I know that you always wanted to make computers your life and IIIT would be the best place to make your dreams come true.
    However I would always miss a friend like you. Your broforce, the dreams of the vineyard, the craze for fifa, the 6 liner to calculate root 2, the name plate, tthe study group, the midnight pickle gossips (of which I was rarely a part) and what not..............
    Anyways go ahead and make your dreams come true