Thursday, 21 July 2011

How not to live your life @IISER-Kolkata - Act one

That's right bitches. Papa's home.

Jog along, you lil' wimps. You, HEY I'M TALKING TO YOU VIENTO, off the fuckin' stage. And where's that fat kid? INTROVERT? You there, boy? There's Dreamer, all goody-two-shoes sitting there, with perfect posture - ah, my boy's showing me some respect - See, you lot? Now gather around, papa's got news.

Before I lose control of what I'm writing, Sandipan Dasgupta, I love you. You never cease to surprise. You're special, boy. This is God telling you (yeah I'm allowed to assume whichever roles I want to. move on.) to have fun in Seoul! Screw the camp, screw 'em babes. Whatever. Have fun, buddy. And if you can, give them oriental gals 'The Look'(c)SDG. You know 'The Look'(c)SDG I'm talking about... Let no female that dare falls into your view escape clothed, in your mind, as well as hers :P (you may, however exercise quality control) Mothers lock up your daughters, daughters lock up your mothers - the Lord of Lewd is on the loose!

Rajarshi Bhattacharya, as much as you'd hate to deny this, you owe me. When I 'accidentally' ripped apart your plumbing connections, I set in chain a series of events that would culminate in you setting off for a special journey. Just don't forget to give 'em Raj, dude. He's still in fashion outside of India. :P Try and visit the stadium where one of the best-WC-finals-ever happened, man. And pay my tribute to the vanquished. RIP, my fond memories of Germany, Class of '02.

Yeah, now that we have that dross all cleared up, let's get down to business, shall we? Or maybe we'll do that in Act two.



*lights out. curtains fall.*
---Oh, and can we please stop being so nice? You're very soulful, Viento. Ah yes, the feelings are mutual, Dreamer. *trills* How about, Yay biyatch! you're finally getting rid of that hag! (and get out of the hut) or, something sombre too, like... Baibhaou, WHAT IS UP? Careful, now. You don't want cat-fights in the new batch, do you (yes!yes!yes!)?

Did somebody upgrade themselves to version 2.0 in the summer?

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