Sunday, 17 July 2011

Vile Thoughts...!

Here i go again, drunk in my own self-destructing memories. Damn, this things doesn't go at all. Memories! Darn, they are too exhausting even to let it go. Pain is better than these vile memories. Silent it is, in it, yet so destructive.
Oh!  i wish i were so invisible, atleast to her. I just wish i never had listened to Vanilla Twilight and get drunk in my own self-replicating thoughts.

I fall from this high hopes of my own life when these memories cross me everytime the sky cries, so silently! I love it when this pain hits me; hits me like an invisible bullet, brushes me inside out, tears are just a silent pay for my misled thoughts. How do i control the vaccum of thoughts, entirely of her?? How do i let the song to stop echoing?? How do i control my excruciating yell?
The wind is so silent beside me, ruffling around my ears whispering the lie that i always thought to be so true. I was and so were my feelings! Perhaps, somewhere i went wrong. And this darn  imaginations are costing me a lot.
Why did i again thought that the world will appear flat to me? Why did i ever had the slightest of thoughts that it was true? Huh, i am too drunk these days in her thoughts.
I lie awake in the Hut, just like the moon, reflecting its painful colour, yet no one but me to appreciate the beauty it reflects. Sigh! I am not talking sense perhaps. The wind still keeps blowing, echoing the presence and songs of her. MAN! What do i do?   
I walk this lonely road, but this time only the wind whispering the pain i feel!
But then, i love it...

12:30 am
The Hut
16th July

The Viento


  1. Quick question? Is there a pun behind 'world appear flat'?


    The World.