Thursday, 21 July 2011

So it goes like this....

Enough of your ruddy good-for-loser's shit!! YOU, Hey You, i am talking to you XAAbhinandan, abhinandan or whichever bitch' name you would like to hear...You are more than a loony mommy than a papa...Real Papas don't bitch!

Tell me!! How the hell can you act so saintly over the phone? Acting so saintly but then with your bestowed upon the good but yet so vile and hollow speeches(did you hear that, yes shit!!! Or Shall i say again? )But then you do the rest of your bitching over here, i presume?? Watch out, he goes here again!!

But then don't dare to be "soulful" (reply...though i can be, but never you....get it??) ...your blog was trying-to-be-me comeback!! But then, ahem.... (in a whisper.... "pitiable"...!) :D :D

No offence !!
But was a stupid pale rhetoric ( Oh yes, but it was!!)

Take a bow,

The Viento

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